Technical specifications


Image size: The maximum file size is 8mb
Skins: The skins are optimised for 1024 (screen resolution)
Space on Hyper Town site: Unlimited
Traffic on Hyper Town site: Unlimited

Browser support

The sitebuilder is an online application, meaning that you do not have to download a program to build your website; however preferably you should work with one of the following browsers:

 Browser Optimal Working
Google Chrome (latest 5 versions) X X
Mozilla Firefox (latest 5 versions) X X
Safari (latest 2 versions) X X
Opera (latest 2 versions) X X
Internet Exporer 9.0 and newer X X
Internet Explorer 7.0 and 8.0   X
iOS Safari (latest 2 versions) * X X
Google Chrome for Android (latest 2 versions) * X X
Android stock browser (latest 2 versions) * X X

* Only published sites

All websites are W3C HTML validated, which means that regardless of which operating system or browser your site viewers are using, it will be possible for them to see your website. You do not need to be worried about whether your website is optimized for MAC, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.

The best technical platform

The HTML is W3c validated HTML5 transitional which combined with css and the tool itself automatically implies search engine optimisation. The tool is developed in PHP and is entirely object-oriented.The data storage is based on XML/MySQl.

We offer extremely high performance because of the optimized hierarchical structure.The backend caching function implies high speed since all the data is kept in the cache and need not be generated every time a call is made in the database.


Supported Browsers for Webmail
The browser support list for the webmail 5.6 standard interface is...
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or newer
Google Chrome 1 or newer
Mozilla Firefox 2 or newer
Apple Safari 3.2 or newer
Konqueror 3.5 or newer
Mobile browsers (e.g. iPad, Android Tablet) should use the basic interface.


Standard mailbox size for our email service is 5GB. Messages up to 35MB are supported.
Storage space is shared between mail messages, and attachments as well as the file storage feature of webmail.

Email client setup:

Port: 143 or 993 (SSL)
Username: full email address
Password: email password

POP (incoming)
Port: 110 or 995 (SSL)
Username: full email address
Password: email password

SMTP (outgoing)
Port: 25, 587, or 465 (SSL)
Username: full email address
Password: email password